What Is the Low FODMAP Diet?

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Have you or anyone you know ever had digestive issues? Most of us would probably answer “yes” to that question; we’ve all had days where we haven’t eaten very well or we’ve over-indulged (I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving) and our stomachs have paid the price the next day. But when those food issues start to happen with increasing frequency and the duration or intensity increases, that’s something different. It can be just embarrassing, of course — symptoms such as bad gas or bloating — or can be distressful when that stomach issue turns into constipation or cramping, for example. In that case, many people turn to what they’re eating to try and figure out solutions, and that may have them investigating the Low FODMAP Diet.

That diet eliminates a lot of things that may trouble stomachs, and in doing so gives people a path to relief. What’s included in that diet? This graphic explains it.


Meet Valerie

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist - CDN, RDN

My name is Valerie Polley. I am a Indianapolis-based registered dietitian and owner of Blue Tree Nutrition. I consult with clients both local and far away.
I have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Purdue University and I have been practicing for 20 years.
I thoroughly enjoy helping clients through their gut health journey. I see a range of GI issues including, but not limited to celiac disease, IBS and SIBO. I also specialize in the FODMAP elimination diet.

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