Lemon-Dill Butter Chicken

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A short story behind this recipe. The last time we went to visit my mom she made us this chicken dish. My aunt had made it for her and she liked it so much she asked for the recipe. So, to make a long and kind of boring story short, I do not have anyone to give credit to for this recipe. It looks like it was printed from a magazine, but there is not date or name. I have modified the recipe a bit as well to make it low FODMAP. It is already gluten-free!

I personally love the taste of this dish, but there are two facts to consider before making it:

  1. This dish is NOT low fat by any means. So, if you do not tolerate fat well, such as your GI tract is bothered by it, then you can either not use a lot of the sauce as it is pure butter or simply do not make this recipe.
  2. This is not a dairy free recipe, so if you don’t tolerate dairy then this is not for you. If you have some issues with lactose, then just use less of the sauce as butter is lower in lactose.


-1/4# of butter (Yes! That is an entire stick of butter. That is too much? Lessen it, but no less than 6 TBSP)

-2 tablespoons lemon juice

-1 teaspoon salt

-1/2 teaspoon paprika

-1 tablespoon dillweed

-1# of boneless chicken thighs (you can use breasts if you prefer)

In the Monash app the portion size for butter is 1 tablespoon. This is not FODMAP related as butter is not a carbohydrate. They have this portion because some with gastrointestinal issues can’t tolerate a lot of fat. If this is your case then eat the amount for your toleration.


-Melt butter in large skillet.

-Add all ingredients in order except chicken and bring to a boil.

-Add chicken, cover skillet and lower heat.

-Simmer 30 minutes or until chicken is tender.

-Remove chicken to a platter.

Can serve with:

-Rice (Per Monash app-1 cup cooked brown or white)

-Potatoes (Per Monash app-no FODMAPs detected)

-Pasta (Per Monash app-gluten-free 1 cup cooked or ½ cup wheat pasta. Pour sauce over these sides. And, of course include a non-starchy low FODMAP vegetable!

These portion sizes per Monash app are for those that are on the elimination phase. If you are past that and know your toleration, then go by that guideline. Enjoy!



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