What about the Newest Craze of the Meatless “Meat” Products?  

Meatless “meat” products have been around for a long time, such as Boca Burger and Morning Star Farms, but lately I have been hearing about more products and brands.   

I have very limited knowledge on the impact that eating meat has on the environment. I know a few reasons, such as it takes a lot of land, food and water to feed the animals that are giving us meat. I have also heard that the impact of the pesticides and chemicals used on the feed is harmful. As far as cows, they do produce large amounts of methane and this is detrimental to the environment.    

With the push for a more plant based diet, you wonder, why isn’t everyone eating these meatless “meat” products? I do agree that most individuals can eat more vegetables (if tolerated based on your health), but these products may not be for everyone. After looking at about six of these popular meatless “meat” products, most or if not all of them are soy based. Soy doesn’t come without its controversies either. For my clients that have gastrointestinal issues many of these products for one reason or another would not be well tolerated.     

I am not for or against these manufactured meatless “meat” products. I am in favor of eating more plant based foods, but I also feel that consuming many of these products may not be the answer either. Moderation for everything is the key and I also think that includes these meatless “meat” products.    

I would love to have comments on this topic as I find it interesting. 


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